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  • Serving South Carolina & Georgia since 1980
  • Customize Your Elevator

  • Elevator-Lift Systems, Inc. supplies OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS! Personalize your home elevator to jive with the aesthetics of your home. Whether you are looking for an antique style or retro design or something modern, the possibilities are limited only by imagination.

  • Car Design

    Each elevator car is custom built to maximize car size. Raised paneling, exotic wood and custom flooring can be installed to match the interior of your home!

  • Standard Features

    Car height - 8' or 7' 2"

    Car size - 15 Sq FT

    Natural hardwood - birch, oak

    Handrail - natural wood

    Floor - unfinished

    Lighting - 2, 4  4" recessed

    Gate - accordion vinyl panels


  • Optional Features

    Car height - custom for ELS-HYDRO1400

    Car size - 20 Sq FT for ELS-HYDRO1400

    Natural hardwoods:  cherry, mahogany, oak & walnut and more

    Handrail - stainless steel, oil rubbed and more

    Lighting - custom fixtures

    Gate - accordion natural hardwood and acrylic and scissor gates