Platform Lifts

Elevator Lift Systems, Inc. brings you vertical and inclined platform lifts. These units are cost-effective problem solvers for your mobility needs. Installed after construction, platform lifts are an easy answer with little lead time and one-day completetion.

We offer a wide range of makes, models, and manufacturers to meet your specific needs.

Residential VPL-Website-Platform Lifts

Residential VPL

A Residential Vertical Platform Lift (RPL) is a safe and reliable solution to mobility obstacles.

Standard Features

Travel: 4 Feet – 6 Feet Capacity: 600 Pounds Platform Size: 3 Feet By 4 Feet Speed: 10 FPM Drive System: Acme Screw Driven

Commercial VPL-Website-Platform Lifts

Commercial VPL

A Commercial VPL (CPL) provides higher lifting capabilities. For this reason, a CPL can be used in commercial or residential settings.

Standard Features

Travel: 4 Feet – 14 Feet Capacity: 750 Pounds Platform Size: 3 Feet By 4.5 Feet Speed: 10 FPM Drive System: Ball Screw Driven

Enclosed VPL-Website-Platform Lifts

Enclosed VPL

Enclosed Platform Lifts (EPL) are weather-proof lifts. They are self-contained and powder coated to ensure the unit will last for years to come.

Standard Features

Travel: 4 Feet – 14 Feet Capacity: 750 Pounds Platform Size: 3 Feet By 5 Feet Car Height: 14.25 Feet Speed: 10 FPM

Inclined PL-Website-Platform Lift

Inclined PL

An Inclined Platform Lift is the solution for your handicap needs. The lift attaches to the stairs, whether in a residential or commercial setting.

Standard Features

Travel: 40 Feet (Maximum) Capacity: 500 Pounds Platform Size: 2 Feet By 3 Feet Speed: 14 FPM

Chair Lifts

Elevator Lift Systems, Inc. brings you chairlifts for your vertical transportation needs. Life life comforably with a chairlift mobility product. Our units are safe, reliable, and long-lasting.

We can measure, order, and receive your chairlift within one week, and installation can be completed in one day.

Straight Chairlift 350

The Straight Chairlift 350 is equipped to be used both indoors and outdoors – the track is powder coated to be weather-resistent, and it operates on AC power. Both reliable and low-maintenance, put your mind at ease with a chairlift in your home.

Standard Feature

Travel: 16 Feet (Maximum):
Chair Size: 19” (W) By 14” (D) By 14”(H)

Capacity: 350 Pounds:
Speed: 20 FPM

Residential Chair Lift-Website-Chair Lift


Elevator Lift Systems, Inc. can provide you with both residential and commercial dumbwaiters. These units funtion like a small elevator, require much less shaft space, and, best of all, fit into any budget!

Residential Dumbwaiter-Website-Dumbwaiters


Residential dumbwaiters are perfect for those who want to get luggage, groceries, or laundry to the next level, but still take the stiars themselves

Standard Features

Travel: 32 Feet (Maximum) Capacity: 200 Pounds Size: 20” (W) By 20” (D) By 36”(H) Speed: 24 FPM

Passenger Lift-Website-Beach Lifts


Commercial dumbwaiters are perfect for restaurants and many other commercial environments.

Standard Features

Stops: Up To 5
Capacity: 500 Pounds
Speed: 35 FPM